Rancagua, Chile

The experience of participating in a new Congress of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology, for the first time held in South America, will entail knowing its host city.

Rancagua is a city that faithfully represents the “huaso” tradition of the Chilean countryside. Classified as fertile land, it stands out for its agricultural production, its vineyards, and its invaluable heritage wealth, all of which merge with its close ties to the exploitation of copper. It is located just over an hour from Santiago, the national capital, and is the sixth region of the country.

For those attending in person, the conference offers the possibility to participate in its social activities. These activities of the ISCHP 2023 conference are not included in the registration fee and are optional, except for the Welcome Reception Cocktail, which is included in the registration fee. Other social activities include small group restaurant excursions in Rancagua and guided tours to places of interest, such as historical landmarks such as the old mining city of Sewell, and a visit to a Winery. We will announce these activities’ dates and costs after the registration process has begun in March.

For those attending on-line, you will be able to check the time of conference events in your own location at www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html

If you want to find information about tourist services available at Rancagua and nearby cities, such as travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, and others, visit the Servicio Natural de Turismo (Sernatur) website, or the section about the O’Higgins region in Chile es tuyo.

Where to stay in Rancagua?

Rancagua offers a range of places to stay for different budgets. Here are a few options with different prices, all relatively near O’Higgins State University Campus.

Hotel Diego de Almagro

Hotel Terrado

Doña Irene Bed & Breakfast

Hotel Manquehue

Hotel Doria

How to get to Rancagua?


One of the means of transportation with which you can get to Rancagua is the train. The State Railway Company (EFE) has a service from Central Station (Santiago) to Rancagua, linking both cities in just one hour and 10 minutes.

To plan the trip, you must access the EFE website. There, you have to select the Rancagua Train – Central Station service, mark the departure date and all available departures will automatically appear on the screen, along with their arrival time and value.

More information at www.efe.cl.


Another way to get to Rancagua is by bus. In the city, there are two bus terminals available that have arrival and departure services from this place to other cities in the country: Terminal O’Higgins and Turbus.

For itineraries and prices, you can visit www.recorrido.cl


For those who prefer to travel individually, there is also the option of getting around by car. The route to be taken and the trip duration will depend on where you are visiting from.